Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Torah Tech for?

Our post-high school gap year program is meant for mature, responsible, and passionate young men who genuinely seek to deepen their connection to God, Israel, and the Jewish people through intensive Torah study and authentic, real-life modern Israel . Students should be both highly motivated to, as well as capable of living independently, growing religiously, and succeed both academically and in a workplace environment. We aim deliver knowledge, tools, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to our students so they can discover their religious identity and purpose, build their professional future, and be fully prepared to succeed in the next stages of life.

What is needed to complete the application process?

  1. Application fee (payable via Paypal)
  2. Completed application
  3. High school transcript
  4. Medical form (completed and signed by a physician)
  5. Personal essay
    **Items 4 and 5 can be submitted separately

Where is Torah Tech located?

Torah Tech is located in Tel Aviv, the heart of central Israel and the home of start-up nation. Students will live in several apartments inside the city, each equipped with a kitchen, several full bathrooms, and living areas. Daily Torah study will take place in Beit Medrash Abir Yaakov in centeral Tel Aviv, also known as the Beit Midrash of Rav Mordechai Auerbach, son of the esteemed Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l. Students will enjoy easy access to public transportation, close proximity to gyms, synagogues,, beaches, museums, and malls, and the unique opportunity to experience life in modern Israel first-hand.

What costs are involved?

2018 Academic year tuition: $27,000

Tuition includes:

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Classes
  • Trips
  • Rent
  • Internships
  • Activities
  • 9 College credits

    Additional Costs to consider:
  • Round-trip, international airfare
  • City transportation bus pass ($25 a month)
  • Cell Phone – $25 a month
  • Health Insurance
  • Spending Money / Other Living Expenses

Will students be safe?

We consciously aim to offer our students a healthy balance of independent living along with the proper supervision and care that is expected of an overseas Israel program. Our housing staff will enforce a nightly check-in system, our supervision, rules and regulations, center of israel

What kind of staff works at Torah Tech?

Our dedicated staff of administrators, rabbeim, and mentors represent the best of both worlds – they are accomplished educators and Talmidei chachamim who have also achieved remarkable success in their professional careers. Our educational approach is one of “show and tell”. Each and every Rebbi, administrator, supervisor, and guest speaker embody the ideals that Torah Tech teach in the Beit Midrash and the workplace – so our students won’t just learn how to become committed, professional, and passionate Bnei Torah, they’ll be surrounded by them every single day.

To learn more about our exceptional staff, click here.

Can I trust this program even though it's just beginning?

We hear you. New beginnings usually bring feelings of fear of instability or failure, and cause many to act hesitantly. And we share those same feelings. But that’s what fuels us to make sure we get every last detail right in order to create only the most stable and successful program possible. How are we this confident? Because we’ve been here before. Our administration has served on several other yeshiva and gap year program administrations – so we know what it takes to make this work. Our infrastructure rests on the well established and hugely successful Am Yisrael Foundation, a major force in the Tel Aviv Anglo community. In short – we’re not like other first-year programs because we’re not starting from scratch. The Beit Midrash is ready and the business internships are standing by. And we’re not going anywhere – feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, anytime! Email Rabbi Ari Yablok at Info@Torahtech.co

What important dates should I know about?

Torah Tech will be opening its doors this coming fall 2017. We will begin the year on Wednesday, August 23rd, and end on Sunday, June 17th, 2018. The program will also break for Pesach vacation from Sunday March 18th to Sunday April 15th.

College credits?

Certain Torah Tech courses are approved and accredited by The National College Credit Recommendation Service via TheTheological Research Institute. Tuition includes 9 college credits.

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